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R&R are grown-up vignerons who never quite left their boyhood behind. Their passion for wine is only matched by hapless tales and love of fishing and surfing. Kick back and enjoy their enthusiasm for delicious savoury rosé, loving life and the dream of catching the next big one!

Location of Vineyard

Sourced from an array of multi-generational growers from across the Valley floor, the grapes for Rogers & Rufus are predominantly grown on the lighter sandier soils of Vine Vale and the Northern Barossa. 

Winemaking Philosophy

We select older Grenache from vineyards of friends, hand picked  bushvines and older retrellised bushvines. Natural yeasts and wild ferment allows maximum delicacy and savoury flavours. A delicate dry and crisp rosé of class and style, grown on sandy Barossa Valley soils.


from Rogers & Rufus

Rogers & Rufus Grenache Rosé

Grenache based blends

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